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Welcome to Carlo's Corner

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A Man and his Toys

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Carlo & Nid

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The phoenix flies at Carlo's Corner
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Nid (that’s my wife) and myself have over the last 15 years been building our life dream, our little corner in Paradise.

Everyone is welcome at Carlo’s Corner. Nid is Thai and originally from Udonthani, Carlo (that’s me) is Danish. We moved together to Koh Phangan in 2002, since then we have been working on our dream place.

Carlo, a Pagan (a Viking), Nid is Buddhist, are both Bikers and love the open road the roar of the Harley and everything around the biker life, we are no longer in any club (been there done that), we live by the free spirit and welcome almost everybody in our life.

Carlo’s Corner is our place as we love to live

#1. Blue Top Coffee shop, Nid’s second passion (as mine) is Coffee, so if you need a real cup of Fresh ground coffee, drop by us and try the best coffee on the island.

#2. The last Waterhole, we both love the stories, the tails, and having a few drinks while we listen or telling the tails, so if you have a biker story or want to hear one, drop by and say hello.

#3. The Handlebar (the workshop), as all real bikers i love to spend my time in the workshop, we have a full bike workshop, and do all minor repairs, we have stock of all standard parts for Harley’s and many sports bikes.  so no worries coming to the island of Koh Phangan, i will keep you on the road.

#4. The Dorm. as any decent biker place we have a clean place for you to sleep. so in need of a clean bed, drop by us.

Viking in paradise, i am Pagan/Viking, so we do a lot of Viking stuff at Carlo’s Corner, welcome to contact for more information.

Welcome to visit us at Carlo’s Corner. Koh Phangan

Our Location

Address 81/10 m 2. Ban Tai Koh Phangan Surat Thani 84280
0890993718 or 0840520600
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Life at Carlo's Corner

What We Offer

Rock Bar
We built the Bar area to make you feel welcome and kind of feeling you are in your own home bar, you don’t need to be a Biker or Metal freak, but if you have a hang to Big Bikes and Rock & Roll, then you found a place to hang out.
Coffee Shop
We are proud to serve you a mix of Danish Viking food as well as English and continental breakfasts. Nid been training her skills for some years now and we can promise you that her food will make you full with a smile (and yes we got Underberg).
Motorbike Workshop
Living in Thailand or even just on a bike trip here, you already know that the standard on workshops is not the same as you are used to from home. Carlo has built a workshop the same as it was back home, not a big dealership, but the workshop we dream of.