The Best Coffee on Koh Phangan

Blue Top Coffee Shop

Serving Viking Food Since 2002

At Blue Top Coffee Shop, we are proud to serve you a mix of Danish Viking food as well as English and continental breakfasts.

Nid been training her skills for some years now and we can promise you that her food will make you full with a smile (and yes, we got Underberg).

The coffee shop opens 9 am and is open until 8 pm.

All day breakfast, lunch platters (Danish style open sandwich) and the today special.

Every week we have events on food and more so please check the weekly updates at the coffee shop.

Coffee, breakfast and so much more.

Everyday special, Nid is serving a wide range of Scandinavia food, every day around 7 pm there is the today special.

Thursday is the day of the Danish national dish, stegt flæsk med persille sovs, crispy pork.

Sunday is Danish lunch day. 2 pm, is the time to come and try the open sandwich danish style.

best coffee at Blue top coffee shop