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Charity Work

Always Close To Our Hearts

Through our charity work, Carlo’s Corner collects second hand clothing/flip flops and much more, we have a cash donation box in the biker bar.

As a westerner living in Thailand, we feel the urge to help a little where we can.

We have been making a living here for more than 13 years, and we believe we can make a difference with even the small things.

With the things we collect we help out where we find the need, orphans mentally ill and the very poor will get a helping hand from us.

We have been doing over the last 5 years that but we can only do so with your help.

We need anything, so empty out your closet and give it to us, and we will get it to the kid´s in need.

We are Non Profit, that means that every baht donated via us will go to someone in need, we pay for laundry and transport from our own pocket.

charity work

Poker Run & Killer Pool – Charlie’s Children’s Charity Event

CC Charity is one of the great organisers we support, but there is so many kids in desperate need, we offer a drop in that ocean, you can help us.

We do events to collect, in 2014 we had a few girls walking the beach after the full moon party to collect flip/flops, that was just great.

Poker runs, toy runs, collecting in the bar, sorting out second hand clothing, is just  small things, but we are happy to help the small ones in the country that gave us a home.

This year we made a cash donation to building a school in the far north, on Koh Phangan we help when we find the need.

Please give a hand