The Last Waterhole

Rock & Biker Bar

The Original Rock & Biker

Bar Koh Phangan

Nights in the biker bar can be awesome, but every night is a Rock night at the The Last Waterhole.

We built the biker Bar area to make you feel welcome and kind of feeling you are in your own home bar, you don’t need to be a Biker or Metal freak, but if you have a liking to Big Bikes and Rock & Roll, you have found the right place to hang out.

Proud of serving the coldest draft beer on the island.
It is our kind of thing, real draft glasses are kept in a deep freezer at-20.c. The beer keg is kept in an icebox at 0.c.

Thats a fucxxxx cold beer.

Weekly Schedule

On Koh Phangan every day is Friday.

Carlo´s Corner, we try to keep a bit sane, so we all need a weekly day off, Monday we are in off mode, our day of rest, the rest of the week we are all in 9 am to 3pm at the The Blue Top Coffee Shop and then The Last Waterhole biker bar normally opens at 3pm and we close when you are done.

If you are too wasted to drive home safe, we have a clean bed for you in our air conditioned rooms (free if you got wasted with us).

Please check the schedule for our weekday specials, everyday is Friday but we do theme nights on music, motor sports, food, pool, charity and much much more.

Join the Rum Club

Bring a nice bottle of rum (to be kept by Rock Club for other members to try) and get to try many of the bottles other members brought.

Viking Nights at the Rock Bar

Eat, drink, party and sleep like a viking. Just ask for our next viking event. We can also do events for you on request.

Biker Trips

Are you a group of Bikers passing the island for a few days. Let us take care of you, workshop, bar, food, clean bed, island info. What more do you need ?

The Biker Bar is famous for slow, but friendly service, we enjoy the freedom of not being a lady bar, so please bring your own. The drink and food you can enjoy here or take away, but please note, the staff and all the lady’s here are NOT FOR RENT, so please show respect.

Motor Sports
We show all the major motor sports on several big screens. MotoGP is a favorite and the bar will be open for all the races.

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rasmus nohr at the last waterhole bike bar
last waterhole biker bar
drinking the horn biker bar

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