The Handle Bar
Big Bike Service Station

Carlo has built a motorbike workshop the same as it was back home, not a big dealership, but the workshop we all dream about.

Living in Thailand or even just on a bike trip here, you already know that the standard on motorbike workshops is not the same as you are used to from home.

Somethings we can not do, but we will keep you on the road with most jobs needed for your bike.

Harley Davidson is our heart but we will take in most bikes, and if you are stock here with a problem we will do anything we can to get you back on the road.

The main thing here is breaks, breaks, breaks, maybe you don’t realize, but the moist and humidity here kills your break fluid very fast. It is a must to change it every year.

We Got The Tools

80 % of our tools are imported, and we¬† have got a lot of stuff you normally don’t see in Thailand and we know have to use them.

We use only high standard parts, (you can ask to get rebuild pads for your breaks) anything else we will say no thank you.

Always fresh tires: we have a very good contact to source fresh tires, so even on this island we can supply you at a very good price on all brands.

Full service: when doing a service with us we guarantee you that all is done at a high standard, that you will have a hard time to find anywhere els.

Slow but friendly service: if you bring a bike that we need to find parts for we will do our best to get you back on the road asap. but we can not and will not guaranty that it will be today or tomorrow, parts is a general problem to find and get fast in Asia.

That being clear we have all standard parts and kits in stock from HD light bulbs, fuses, inner-tubes, bread pads, break fluid clutch and throttle cables, readily available in stock as well as things like maintains chargers, and a lot of other custom parts.

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